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campaign for Colorado!

Colorado’s grassroots candidate for the Senate…

The Candidate

Meet Danielle and find out why she’s running to represent Colorado in the U.S. Senate. She is not a career politician or even a likely candidate: she’s proud to be a woman you wouldn’t expect.

The Policies

The Senate is America’s foremost arena for political debate and Danielle is excited to champion issues like affordable health care, immigration, and climate change on your behalf.

The Campaign

Danielle is running this campaign the way she wants to serve in the Senate: constituents first. That’s why she’s available to schedule a phone call and is out meeting Coloradan’s in all 64 counties.




Health Care

Danielle believes that access to affordable health care is a human right and has pledged to ensure all Coloradans have access to quality, affordable health care by the end of her first term… or she will not seek a second term.

She supports Medicare-for-All plans that provide coverage options to all Americans as well as these near-term health care priorities:

  • Re-stabilizing the Affordable Care Act and individual insurance market

  • Protecting Medicaid expansion and pursuing a national “sliding scale” Medicaid eligibility

  • Controlling the runaway costs of prescription drugs


As the spouse of an immigrant to the United States, Danielle is keenly aware of the benefits of immigration and the journey people go through to seek out a better life in America. She supports the passage of a comprehensive, clean DREAM Act to protect and support Dreamers.

Danielle also wants to prioritize these immigration reforms:

  • Ban deportation of non-citizen veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces

  • Streamline H1B (Skilled) Visa application process

  • Prohibit separation of families at border crossings and ports of entry

  • Recommit the United States to its role as a global leader in refugee protection

Climate Change


Danielle believes climate change is an existential threat and that the United States must dramatically expand its efforts to move to renewable energy sources and reduce carbon emissions. With that in mind, Danielle is committed to these policy objectives:

  • Rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement

  • Overhaul the U.S. energy grid and set an ambitious goal of movement to renewable energy sources

  • Increase fuel efficiency standards for carbon-emission vehicles

  • Subsidize vehicle charging station development

Functioning Government


One of the reasons Danielle felt the urgency to run for office was the continued dysfunction of Washington D.C., she believes we cannot keep sending career politicians to the U.S. Senate and expect them to vote against their own political careers. That’s why she is determined to be a grassroots candidate and a Senator for the people of Colorado. As the mother of four boys, Danielle has a lot of experience managing egos and chaos - and she’s ready to take that insight to the Capitol.

Danielle is committed to avoiding government shutdowns and is anxious to lead in the Senate on these goals:

  • Reverse Citizens United and pass comprehensive campaign finance reform

  • Prohibit requiring Federal employees to work without pay

  • Introduce term limits for the U.S. Supreme Court

Danielle is visiting all 64 counties in Colorado. Watch her progress here!

 The campaign needs your support!

We are setting the stage for 2020 and need you! Here are some of the ways you can help Danielle Kombo run for the U.S. Senate: