A truly grassroots candidate for Colorado…

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Some candidates are all talk, no listen, and one of the best things about Danielle is her commitment to change that!

It starts with her plan to form advisory committees that can connect with her and guide policy outcomes, instead of Danielle thrusting solutions onto people without hearing from constituents first.

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Danielle is the wife of an immigrant to the United States, a mother of four children, and a person that is most at ease listening to people. She is anything but a career politician and that makes her Colorado’s only true grassroots candidate.

She has not been plotting to run for higher office for years, even decades. Danielle decided it was time to change the system and send someone to the U.S. Senate who can represent us, not the entrenched interest of politics.

When she’s not on the campaign trail or raising her four boys, Danielle is a recruiter in the health care industry.