Danielle announces for the U.S. Senate!

On Tuesday, February 26th, in Lone Tree, Danielle Kombo announced her candidacy for the U.S. Senate! Ms. Kombo, a Democrat from Douglas County, will vie for the Democratic nomination in 2020 and the opportunity to unseat Republican Cory Gardner.


“I am excited to get started connecting with the voters of Colorado. We are going to run a real grassroots campaign for the next 21 months,” Kombo said, “We have to run a grassroots campaign. Cory Gardner has deep pockets backing him and those pockets do not have Colorado’s best interests at heart.”

Kombo is determined to support the United States’ re-entry into the Paris Climate Agreement and passage of the DREAM Act, but it is her commitment to affordable health care that separates her candidacy from that of other Democrats. “By the end of my term in the Senate, every Coloradan will have access to affordable health care or I will not seek a second term,” Kombo said, “Career politicians don’t make commitments to deliver like that, but we can’t keep sending career politicians to the Senate and expect them to vote for us over their own careers.”

Kombo, 38, is an executive recruiter, married, with four boys aging from 9 to 14. If elected she would be the first woman and first African-American elected to the U.S. Senate from Colorado.

Barrett Rothe