Danielle’s 2020 Vision

We cannot keep sending career politicians to the Senate and expect them to vote for us over their own career.

Danielle is not a career politician, she is committed to serving Colorado’s families and small-businesses. Many candidates say this, but they don’t live it. Danielle is the mother of four children, the wife of an immigrant to the United States, and an entrepreneur.

Part of her commitment to raising expectations is to exemplify it, that’s why she will make her schedule available so you can setup time to talk to her over the phone. We’ll be launching that program here in early March.

The campaign is working tirelessly to launch a full-scale issues page where you can learn more about Danielle’s specific policy proposals. In the meantime our platform is centered around ensuring universal, affordable health care to all Americans, overhauling our deeply flawed immigration system, aggressively fighting climate change, and ending the dysfunction of Washington D.C.

Apply to join one of our policy advisory committees below.

Danielle wants to listen to community members and subject experts first, then seek to represent Colorado. That is why she is forming advisory committees on issues important to Coloradans, and we need you! Apply to serve on a volunteer advisory committee and you will help shape the campaign and policy in the U.S. Senate.

Right now we are accepting applications for these committees:

  • Equity & Social Justice

  • Climate Change & Environment

  • Immigration & Refugee Affairs

  • Affordable Health Care

  • Mountain & Rural Colorado